Stability from 1983
Many 1000's ships have been calculated using HYPET through years.

HYPET Data AS provide great support!

What help did you usually get after 4:00PM - if mr. X is not there?
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Class approval

HYPET calculations has been approved by many different authorities in Europe.
For more information see Approvals

HYPET-Series, calculating stability, strength and tonnage

HYPET develop a Windows based program series that allows the user to calculate the stability, longitudinal strength and tonnage for all kind of vessels. The stability module can handle intact and damage stability and offers several features like grain, crane, anchor handling, etc.
STABILITY - for Intact and Damaged ship
INTACT(Approved 1984) and DAMAGE(Approved 1991).

TONNAGE - for Gros and Net
Acc. to 1969 convention(Approved 1984).

Wind, Grain, Towing, Anchor handling, Crane, Etc.
IMPORTANT: GRAIN calculations is 100% integrated and automatic.
Nice overview and graphic loading/unloading for containers.
This program is communicating with the Loading Calculator H600w.
ALL PROGRAMS are working directly against the hull geometry.
User friendly - Easy to use 
Minimum (but necessary) data IN and OUT